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Where can I get support for my account?

Where can I get support for my account?

The most frequently asked questions have all been answered in the knowledge base you're seeing now. And most questions which haven't been answered here have been answered on our forum.

However, maybe you want to speak to our staff because your specific issue has not been covered in the knowledge base or on the forum (yet). In that case, we unfortunately have to say the following:

We do NOT provide any personal support to free hosting users.

Why do we do that? Do we not care about the people who use our free hosting? Quite the contrary! We want to provide you with the best free hosting experience we can, and personal support simply cannot reasonably be a part of that.

We host hundreds of thousands of website completely for free. We won't ask any free hosting user for payment, ever. The only revenue we make from free hosting is through the advertisements on our website and control panel. That gives us quite a limited budget to build great hosting.

We could spend this budget to hire staff which would help you manage your entire website. However, that would leave less money to actually build our hosting infrastructure. That means that while your website would be properly configured, it would be slow and unreliable because the underlying infrastructure doesn't get the attention it needs to run fast and reliably.

Instead, we want to invest everything in making our infrastructure the fastest and most reliable free hosting system around. Which means that regardless of your skill level, you will have a fast and reliable website.

So if you have any questions, you can ask them on our forum, where other users or staff can help you out.

Still have questions? Check our forum!