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Why do I see ?i=1 at the end of a URL?

Why do I see ?i=1 at the end of a URL?

When you first open your website, you may see the extra characters like ?i=1 at the end of your URL.

What causes the ?i=1 suffix?

This extra URL parameter is caused by a browser validation tool we use to protect your website. The browser validator is a mandatory security system which ensures that your website can only be accessed through regular web browsers. Read more about this security system.

What does the ?i=1 suffix do?

The ?i=1 suffix is in fact a counter. When you first load your website, a cookie will be sent to verify you passed the challenge. The page will then reload with the ?=1 suffix. On the next request, the server checks if your browser still has the cookie. If not, your browser will get a new security challenge and a new cookie, and be redirected to a URL with suffix ?i=2.

If the counter hits 3 and still no valid cookie has been provided, you’ll be redirected to a page with instructions on how to enable cookies in your browser. This way, your browser will not get stuck in a redirect loop.

Can I remove the ?i=1 URL suffix?

Unfortunately, the security system responsible for the ?i=1 suffix is mandatory on all websites and cannot be disabled. Because of that, the URL suffix also cannot be disabled.

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