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What is a Hosting Volume?

What is a Hosting Volume?

In your control panel, you will see that your website is associated with a certain Hosting Volume. In some communication regarding outages, you will also see that there may be issues with certain hosting volumes.

This article will try to clarify what a Hosting Volume is, and what it does and doesn’t mean for an account.

What is a Hosting Volume

All websites hosted on InfinityFree are part of a cloud hosting solution. This cloud platform uses a variety of servers for every website, balancing optimal performance and hardware for serving your website, storing it’s files, and exposing it’s database.

Every hosting account is assigned to a Hosting Volume. Simply put, each Hosting Volume is a cloud storage drive which hosts the files of the accounts assigned to it.

The web servers can access these cloud storage drives to retrieve the files of a particular web hosting account, so they can be shown on the website.

The FTP servers also have access to these cloud storage drives, so you can upload files to the storage of your hosting account.

What is not a Hosting Volume

A Hosting Volume is not a fancy marketing term for a server. A Hosting Volume is not a server.

If a website is unreachable, the issue can rarely be attributed to the hosting volume. Usually, unreachable websites are caused by an issue on the web server. Web servers can be most easily identified by the IP address assigned to your account.

So if you have an issue with your website, please specify the account or website you experience the issue on, rather than just specifying the hosting volume. Chances are that the hosting volume is working fine, and that the issue is related to some other aspect of your account.

Accounts on the same Hosting Volume can be hosted on different IP addresses. And since the files of websites are not stored on the web server, accounts can be easily moved to other IP addresses, by simply accessing the Hosting Volume from another server.

Finally, not all content of a hosting account is stored on the hosting volume. For example, this content of a hosting account is not stored on the hosting volume:

  • Databases.
  • Email Accounts.

All of the things above are not affected by any issues of the hosting volumes of websites.

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