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Unable to set nameservers: DNS query refused

Unable to set nameservers: DNS query refused

Before you can add a domain name to your account, you need to point it to the InfinityFree nameservers first. However, some domain providers show an error like this when trying to change the nameservers:

DNS Query Refused

If that happens, your registrar will tell you that the nameservers must be configured first.

What causes this issue?

Before you can add your domain to your InfinityFree account, you need to verify you can control the domain. The only way to do so right now is by setting the nameservers at your registrar.

When setting the nameservers for your domain, your registrar may check whether the InfinityFree nameservers contain DNS records for your domain name to help prevent typos. This will fail, because the DNS records for your domain name are created when the domain name is added to your hosting account.

So InfinityFree requires the domain name to be configured before the DNS records are set up, but your registrar requires the DNS records to be set up before the domain name can be configured. Because of this contradiction, it’s not possible to use the domain name with InfinityFree.

How I you solve this?

At this moment, the only way to solve this is by transferring the domain name to a registrar which doesn’t verify whether the DNS records have been setup yet. By switching registrars, you may be able to configure the domain name and add it to your account.

Right now, it’s not possible to add domain names from registrars who require the DNS records to be set up first. InfinityFree may add ways to verify your domain name without having to change the nameservers first in the future.

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