Unable to receive email

Unable to receive email

If you are having trouble to receive email, here are some things to look out for.

Validate if your MX records are set correctly

The first thing to do is to check if your MX records are correct. MX records tell the email sender where email should be delivered, so without a valid MX record your email will not be delivered.

You can read more about setting MX records in this article: How to set your MX record.

After changing your MX records, you should verify them with a DNS lookup tool. Enter your domain name, choose type "MX" and click Resolve. Then, check if the MX records shows match what you set before.

Using the control panel Cloudflare integration disables MX records. To be able to receive email, you must either disable Cloudflare on your website, or set up your domain name with Cloudflare directly.

Set up an email account to verify email is delivered

Especially if you are using Email Forwarders, it's hard to distinguish between the email not being delivered to your hosting account and the email not being accepted in your own mail box.

Simply go to Email Accounts in your control panel and create an email account for your domain. Then, send an email to your newly created mailbox from another email provider. Finally, you can login to webmail and verify the email arrived correctly. Note that it may take a few minutes for email to show up.

Gmail does not accept forwarded email. Gmail's spam filters generally reject any email sent through email forwarders. That's a restriction on Gmail's side which cannot be resolved by InfinityFree or yourself. Other (free) email providers like Outlook.com generally do accept forwarded email.

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