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My website installed with Softaculous doesn't open!

My website installed with Softaculous doesn't open!

Many people experience problems opening their website installed with Softaculous after their first installation. This article should help troubleshoot common issues.

The account or domain name is not fully set up

The first step is to verify the account and domain name are working and the script works.

To verify this:

  1. Find your account in the accounts list click it, then go to Control Panel.
  2. Find the Softaculous Apps Installer in the control panel.
  3. Click the blue tile saying Installations.
  4. Find the new installation in the list.
  5. Click the URL in the Link column in the installations list to open the website.

If the installation was successful, you should now see a home page, welcome page or login page, depending on what kind of app you installed. If you don’t see any page like that, you’ll need to check what kind of issue you see and then try to solve it.

Verify the installation settings are correct

If the website opened for your in the last step, you need to figure out why you saw the website now but weren’t able to open it before.

Please check the following:

  • Is the domain name correct? If you tried to install a website to but also have on your account, please make sure the script was installed to the correct domain.
  • Is the installation directory correct? By default, Softaculous installs all apps to subdirectories. So if you tried to install WordPress to with the default setting, it will have been installed to The name of the subdirectory depends on which script you installed.

If the answer to one of the questions above was “NO”, then you’ll need to fix that. There are two ways to do that.

  • Reinstall the app. If you just installed a fresh app, the easiest way to fix the installation is by going into Softaculous and uninstall the old app. Then, find the app again and re-install it. This time, make sure the domain name and installation directory are correct before starting the installation.
  • Move the app. If your app already has a lot of custom content in it, you can try to move it. Generally speaking you will need to 1) move the installation to the correct folder and 2) update the URL settings. Step 1 can be completed with any FTP client or file manager. For step 2, you should consult the documentation of your script, because different scripts have different ways they configure their base URL.
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