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Help, I cannot connect to FTP!

Help, I cannot connect to FTP!

You’ve just created your account and you want to be able to login to FTP so you can upload your website. However, when connecting to FTP, you are rejected by the server. What can you do to solve this?

Login to your control panel

If you haven’t logged in to your control panel yet, you must do first. FTP access will only be enabled after logging in to your control panel. Simply login to your client area, click your account in the list, and then go to Control Panel.

Make sure you’re using the correct credentials

Make sure you are using the correct FTP hostname, username and password.

You can view your FTP hostname and username by finding your account in the accounts list in your client area and then click Manage. The FTP username and password are in the Overview panel.

You can view your account (and FTP) password in the password panel in the accounts manage page. By default, the FTP password is a randomly generated password and is not equal to your client area password.

Change your account password

Sometimes, the password isn’t set properly on your FTP account. Simply reset the password to push the new password to your FTP account and database account.

If none of this works

If none of the tips given here work, please don’t hesitate to ask for help on our forums.

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