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How to transfer a domain to InfinityFree

How to transfer a domain to InfinityFree

If you currently have a website with another hosting provider, you may be wondering: how do I transfer everything to InfinityFree?

To answer that question, it’s important to note the difference between a Hosting Account and a Domain Registration.

  • A Domain Registration gives you the ownership of a particular domain name (e.g., and enables you to make services like websites and email addresses available on that domain. However, a domain registration itself does not provide those services.
  • A Hosting Account provides you with the space to upload your website and create email addresses.

In order to have a working website, you need both a domain registration and a hosting account (unless you’re using a free subdomain). Some companies provide both domain registrations and hosting accounts, or even bundle them together, but it’s almost always possible to use different providers for each.

To transfer a hosting account to InfinityFree, you will need to migrate it’s contents. To do so, you can follow this guide: How to migrate your website to InfinityFree.

However, InfinityFree does not provide domain registration services. So, if you have your own domain (or want to get one), you’ll have to register it with another provider. We use NameSilo to register our own domains, and highly recommend their services! But you’re free to use any domain provider you want, as long as they allow you to set custom nameservers.

Once, you’ve registered your domain name with a domain name provider you like, you can link it to your InfinityFree account by following this guide: How to add your own domain to your account.

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