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How to get your EPP code

How to get your EPP code

If you’re looking to transfer your website to another provider, they may ask you to provide an EPP code, or Transfer Authorization Code.

First of all, we’re sorry to see you go!

A Transfer Authorization Code, also called EPP code, is a token used to transfer a domain name registration. This code is provided by the current provider responsible for the registration of your domain name. An EPP code is only used to transfer a domain name registration, and is not used when transferring a website, hosting account or it’s contents.

InfinityFree does not provide domain name registration services. If you’re using your own domain name with InfinityFree, this domain name is registered with a third party domain registrar. This domain registrar should be able to provide you with the EPP code of your domain. If you’re not sure which company is currently providing the registration service for your domain name, a WHOIS lookup tool should tell you the registrar of your domain name.

Note that the above does not apply with free subdomains. Free subdomains are not registered at a domain registrar. Free subdomains also cannot be transferred to other hosting providers. A free subdomain from InfinityFree can only be used on InfinityFree hosting.

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