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How to add .htaccess rules

How to add .htaccess rules

.htaccess files are a powerful tool to change how the web server behaves and loads your website. This article describes how to add .htaccess rules on your website.

You can add your own .htaccess rules to any .htaccess files in the directory of one of your websites.

A .htaccess file is simply a file with the name .htaccess. You can create this file in the same way you create any other file. Some operating systems don’t show such files correctly on your computer, so it’s recommended to create and edit it through a web based file manager only.

If your domain name is and it’s liked to the folder, then you can create your .htaccess file in that directory.

You cannot edit the .htaccess in the main folder of your account. However, you can override all settings in the .htaccess files of specific websites.

Please note there is a size limit of 10 kB for .htaccess files. A .htaccess file larger than 10 kB will automatically be deleted.

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