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Email Forwarders and Gmail

Email Forwarders and Gmail

You can use Email Forwarders to forward email sent to your domain name to another email address. Many people use Gmail as their main email service and want to forward email to their Gmail address. However:

Gmail blocks all emails sent through forwarders. It is not possible to forward email to a Gmail address due to restrictions in Gmail. There is no way to receive any forwarded emails from any service in Gmail.

Why does this happen

Suppose you want to receive an email from through your forwarders.

The mail servers of send the message to InfinityFree. InfinityFree then sends the message to Gmail. That’s how email forwarding works.

However, the administrators of only have their own mail servers configured as authorized senders for the domain. Gmail checks these settings whether the email was actually sent by and not by someone pretending to represent

Gmail will see the email was sent from InfinityFree, not from, and will mark the email as unauthorized. In most cases, Gmail will then delete the message because Gmail believes the message to be fraudulent.

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