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What does the CPU limit mean?

What does the CPU limit mean?

One of the limits InfinityFree enforces is the CPU limit. This article explains what the CPU limit means and how you can control it.

What is the CPU limit?

The CPU limit of your account determines how much processing power your website uses from the server.

Every time a PHP script is executed, it requires processing power to execute the code and generate a response. The free hosting servers are equipped with powerful processors, but the amount of calculation they can do is finite.

Because of that, the CPU limit measures for how long scripts on your hosting account are using a share of the server’s processor. If your website’s code is trying to hog all the server power, it will be taken offline for 24 hours.

The CPU usage limit is closely related to the Entry Process limit. The Entry Processing limit measures how long your PHP scripts are running, the CPU usage limit measures what your scripts do when they are running.

How much CPU power can I use?

The exact way the CPU usage is calculated is rather complicated. Additionally, you should stay within the limit and not try to optimize your website to use as much processing power as possible without hitting the limit.

Because of that, the exact method the CPU usage is calculated is confidential. InfinityFree also cannot give you a definitive number on how much CPU power your account can use.

Why is my CPU usage so high?

There are various reasons why your CPU usage is high. For example:

  • Your website received a lot of hits, which caused PHP scripts to be executed many times.
  • Your website code requires a lot of processing power to generate a response for a request.

How do I reduce my CPU usage?

Here are some recommendations to help reduce your CPU usage (and make your website load faster in the process):

  • Remove unnecessary plugins and scripts from your website. The less code is being executed on your website, the less time it generally needs to generate a response.
  • Install caching on your website, to help ensure code is executed fewer times.

The tips above don’t work for me, how do I keep my website online?

If your CPU usage is still too high after following the recommendations above (or you are having trouble applying the tips to your website), please consider to upgrade your account to premium hosting.

With premium hosting, the CPU usage limits are far higher than with free hosting, so your website can continue to grow. Add to that the other great features of premium hosting, like free SSL certificates, Cloudflare RailGun and an award winning cloud hosting platform, and you can be sure your website will stay fast and reliable.

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