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Error getting SSL certificate from

Error getting SSL certificate from

InfinityFree provides free hosting with the ability to upload SSL certificates. So many people will want to get a free SSL certificate to use on their website.

A popular way to get free SSL certificates is to use the website However, does not work with InfinityFree. requires your website to be verified by uploading a verification file, or by using DNS TXT records. DNS TXT records cannot be added on InfinityFree, so you would need to use external nameservers, like Cloudflare, to setup these records on your domain.

The website file verification also does not work because of a security system which prevents bot access to websites. This security system also prevents the automatic verification from Let’s Encrypt from verifying the ownership of your domain.

If you would like to get free SSL certificates, you can also get them directly from InfinityFree. You can get these free SSL certificates from the InfinityFree client area:

Both InfinityFree and use Let’s Encrypt to get the free SSL certificates. But InfinityFree offers verification through CNAME records, which other Let’s Encrypt services generally do not.

Please note that the SSL tool of InfinityFree can only be used for own domains, and not for free subdomains. This was done due to rate limits at Let’s Encrypt. Let’s Encrypt currently will only issue up to 50 SSL certificates per domain per week. So only 50 certificates can be issued for or

InfinityFree is still looking for a way to offer free SSL certificates on free subdomains as well. But at this time, it’s not possible to get Let’s Encrypt certificates for a free subdomain.

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