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Cannot use or have problems using Let's Encrypt or

Cannot use or have problems using Let's Encrypt or

InfinityFree provides free hosting with the ability to upload SSL certificates. So many people will want to get a free SSL certificate to use on their website.

The biggest provider of free SSL certificates is a service called Let’s Encrypt. And many tools, services and websites have been created around Let’s Encrypt which provide SSL certificates through that vendor. A fairly popular one is

However, it is not possible to use Let’s Encrypt certificates (and by extension) on InfinityFree.

Let’s Encrypt verifies that you own a domain name by checking a URL on your website. But on free hosting, there is a security system which prevents bot access to websites, which also blocks the automated domain validation from Let’s Encrypt.

Let’s Encrypt also offers TXT record validation. But the InfinityFree control panel does not support setting TXT records. If you are using your own nameservers, you may be able to set TXT records and get your Let’s Encrypt certificate.

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