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Account Management

Where can I get support for my account?
My account is suspended, what can I do now?
How to delete my hosting account?
About the inode limit
Why is it all free? What's the catch?
After getting an account upgrade
Reset or reload an account to start fresh

Domains and DNS

How to add your own domain to your account
Cloudflare caveats
How to find the IP address of your account
I just got my Cloudflare account, what can I do with it?
What is Cloudflare?
What is DNS propagation?
What does Subdomain / Addon Domain / Parked Domain mean?
Why doesn't my domain work?
How to point your domain name to InfinityFree nameservers?
Unable to set nameservers: DNS query refused


Sending email from your website (PHP mail)
Is POP, IMAP and SMTP access available on free hosting?
How to set your domain's MX records
How to set your MX record
Email Forwarders and Gmail

File Management

FTP Error: Disk Quota Exceeded
How to upload files with FTP?
Help, I cannot connect to FTP!
Why are my files deleted after uploading them?
How to upload big files / archives?
What is the file/upload size limit?

MySQL Databases

How to connect with MySQL?
How to import a large database?
Common MySQL errors
InnoDB on free hosting
How to setup a new MySQL Database?
How to import a MySQL database backup?

Websites and PHP

Can I contact support for script help?
Can I use sockets?
Fatal error: Allowed memory size of xxxxxx bytes exhausted (tried to allocate xxx bytes) in
How to force all traffic to HTTPS
Can I put my own ads on my website?
How to install CMS (like Wordpress and Joomla)?
How to install an SSL certificate
How to install Wordpress
How to install Joomla
How to make your website use HTTPS (SSL)
How to verify your website in Google Webmasters
How to set custom .htaccess rules?
Javascript error using API or mobile (Android) app